If you are a medical practitioner working in your own practice or renting in another or working in a hospital, then Peak Accounting Group can guide you on financial and tax planning.

In Your Own Practice:

We recognise the accounting pressure that medical practices are under from bookkeeping, submitting claims to health funds and processing Medicare bills. To completing BAS statements and salary requirements.

Peak Accounting Group can help you maintain control over all of these aspects and assist in planning your tax requirements.

Peak Accounting Group can also assist you with setting up and administering company structures and superannuation planning.

Renting a Room:

Similarly, if you are renting a room within a practice, we understand the unique tax requirements that you have. Additionally, we can help you with financial planning for your future through superannuation and other investment advice.

Peak Accounting Group has a number of clients who are individual identities in their own right, however work as part of a larger organisation.

Other Sources of Income:

You may be employed part-time or full-time working for a larger medical centre or hospital. Peak Accounting Group can assist you with financial and tax planning to maximise your wealth.

Peak Accounting Group can advice you on salary packaging and financial planning including superannuation. We can ensure that you get the best return from any other sources of income you may have including rental properties and capital gains.